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Skew & Gouge Design Challenge - Osolnik-style Candlesticks (1)

The challenge of the skew chisel control for intermediate woodturners lies in control over the long point and managing the peeling cut to create these beautiful candlesticks in walnut or cherry. (Pre-req: Basic Spindle Class)
Skew & Gouge Design Challenge - Osolnik-style Candlesticks (1)

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Time is TBD
Highlands Woodturning, 862 Castine Road, Castine, ME 04421, USA

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Learn and turn a set of three Osolnik design candlesticks in black walnut. $95 for the class and a set of three stepped candlesticks; $40 per additional set of three more during the full-day class; $15 per additional individual candlestick. This design challenges the woodturner's tool control of the skew and gouge in the process of creating a lovely centerpiece. Some sets might grow to as many as five candlesticks stepped to allow a wider variety of arrangements. (Pre-requisite: Basic Spindle Class)

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